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Handsawing is mainly used when there is little, or no access for our roadsawing equipment. Handsawing is commonly used for demolition or cutting wall or doorway penetrations. It has the ability to cut to a depth of 150mm in reinforced concrete, block or brick. We also have the ability to cut inside your house, office or non-ventiliated areas, using our high-frequency electric equipment. Fume and smoke free in your house, every time!


Our roadsaw is generally used on jobs where access is not a problem, or where the thickness of the material to be cut exceeds 150mm in depth. Our roadsaws have the ability to cut concrete, asphalt, brick or block, to a depth of 375mm.


Ringsaws are used, after the handsaw, for materials deeper than 150mm. Our ringsaws are both petrol and electric and have the ability to cut up to 315mm deep.


Core Drilling is used to create neat, circular penetrations in materials. This is often used by plumbers or electricians for the location of pipes or cables. We also cater for pool fence installations and also airconditioner installaions. Our core drilling machines have the ability to create penetrations up to 600mm in diameter and to an unlimited depth and also have the ability to be able to drill upside down without any mess at all.


Soffcutting, or expansion joint cutting is performed to help minimise the random cracking of newly poured concrete slabs. Soffcutting is often done within the first hour or two of the concrete pour, but can also be done up to a few days afterwards if necessary.


Tracksawing  is used for jobs which involve cutting larger, deep penetrations into walls, such as doors and window openings. Operated horizontally, vertically or inverted, they have a track mounted system which gives the ability to cut a perfectly straight line to a cutting depth of 395mm. Being operated via a remote control, these saws are perfect for confined spaces and demolition work, as well as the deep cutting of concrete walls. Our tracksaws run on 3 phase power but can also be operated on single phase power. Perfect for jobs performed on smaller projects or where 3 phase power is not available. Tracksaw cutting is fume-free and operated through a modular system which is great for those hard to access areas.


Concrete scanning is routinely used throughout the construction industry to identify:

- steel reinforcing

- post-tension cables

- electrical conduits

- voids beneath slabs

- slab thickness

- beams

- plumbing services and electrical services.

Concrete scanning is a cost effective and non destructive method of identifying objects in concrete prior to cutting or coring. Imaging results appear immediately to allow marking out on the spot. In addition to on the spot results and analysis we are able to produce comprehensive scanning reports when required and requested.

Concrete scanning has the following advantages:


  • circumvent the need to open the existing structure to locate objects or measure rebar size;

  • improves safety by avoiding accidents caused by cutting through live power or a tension cable.

  • avoid delays and costs associated with structural damage and repairs by finding alternative solutions in the event any of the above are identified in the slab.

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